One of the most significant group life insurance programs in the world, the Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance Program was established in 1954. It covers more than four million federal employees, federal retirees, and many family members. The problems with FEGLI is that FEGLI Option B and Option C rates rise dramatically as participants age and people often benefit by using a FEGLI alternative through a private market company.

Most federal employees are eligible for FEGLI, hence the ‘group’ part of the life insurance program. It does not create any cash value, however. New employees are automatically covered by the Basic version of FEGLI, though there are three additional options. The payroll office will deduct premiums from the paycheck of the employee until the employee waives the coverage. To elect for any of the other three options, you must actively select them- Basic is the only automatically enrolled option.

The government’s contribution to the cost of Basic insurance totals a third of the total payment, but it is up to the employee to cover the remaining two thirds. Age will not affect the cost of Basic insurance, but your optional premiums will rise. You also pay full price for the optional coverage.

Claims are paid and processed by The Office of Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI), which is a private entity contracted with the Federal Government.